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  We help bridge the vital gap between a great strategy & and it's execution by helping place the right middle management executives at the right place at the right time.  
  If you have a great plan & all the wherewithall to execute it save for a complete operations team, we can help you give shape to your plans.  
  If you think that your hiring process can do with a little more optimization and if you want some free time to strategize for your firm, count on us for all your field work.  
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HireAtEase is a fast growing, new age IT recruitment organisation, highly focused on utilising the potential of technology and human intellect to provide powerful recruitment solutions to enterprises. We make it our highest priority to understand our customer's enterprise and its resource needs, and help candidates to explore their career interests. Thus we offer recruitment solutions which are tailor-made for the business needs of enterprises and are completely aligned with the career goal of the candidates.

At HireAtEase, our prior experience in IT product firms helps us understand product development life cycles, all associated human resource aspects and organizational and business dynamics. We comprehend all personality traits that IT product organizations seek in prospective resources.   more >>


Technical Architect (DotNet/J2EE)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Product Manager (Internet/Enterprise)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Engineering Manager (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Senior Developer (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Technical Lead (Java)
Bangalore, Product MNC

SQA Manager (Product QA)
Bangalore, Product MNC
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