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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Right recruitment is core of any organisation?s success and through outsourcing you can achieve:
  • Support of a dedicated and specialist recruitment partner to help you achieve your critical recruitment targets
  • Increased Focus on your core business by not investing much time and money into hiring permanent recruiters and training and managing them

HireAtEase has a team of specialists who can manage your recruitment needs completely and efficiently with high ethics and integrity.

Working Model:
On site: Our recruitment specialists can be located within your premises to manage all your recruitment needs, working closely with your recruiters and hiring managers.
Off shore: A team of recruitment specialist team will be working at our premises as your extended team to manage all your recruitment, working closely with your recruiters and hiring managers.

The activities we can handle:
  • Strategy Consulting: To help you understand the job market, salary trends to form the right recruitment strategy
  • Vendor Management: We can easily manage your multiple recruitment vendors on your behalf to as per your recruitment policies and maintaining high work standards
  • JD Creation: Converting your requirements into a career oriented job detail description to attract right job seekers
  • Job Posting/Marketing:Posting all the jobs on relevant portals, career network sites, media and professional groups to attract right talent pool.
  • Sourcing: Souring profiles through job portals, internal database, network, references, professional groups and walk-in activities
  • Applicant Tracking and Data Management: Managing all the response against job postings/marketing and Creating and maintaining the CV database and managing candidate progress.
  • Screening: Screening resumes on relevant expertise criteria and also we can screen candidates on technical and behavioral aspects
  • Communication/Feedback: Managing regular communication with management, fellow team members, vendors and job seekers. Interview scheduling, follow-ups and coordination.
  • Background and reference checks:Checking prospective employee?s educational and professional background
  • Offer Management: We can negotiate, prepare and manage offer with selected candidates.
  • Post Offer:Regular follow up with offered candidates to ensure their joining
  • Keeping in touch: Managing campaign to build an active interaction with prospect employees for future
  • Building your eco-system: Creating right image about company by sharing the right information and professional communication with job seekers

Technical Architect (DotNet/J2EE)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Product Manager (Internet/Enterprise)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Engineering Manager (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Senior Developer (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Technical Lead (Java)
Bangalore, Product MNC

SQA Manager (Product QA)
Bangalore, Product MNC
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