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Retained Recruitment
Through this service we support our clients to meet their critical regular hiring targets by beating the challenges of high amount of search, match and communication involved to hire right.

We recognise the true worth of the time of an HR professional and help them to apply themselves fully in contributing to carve out growth paths for their organizations while leaving field-work to us.

Following are the steps followed by our recruitment specialist team:
  • Understand Job Description in detail
  • Identify and use right sources (internal database, network, references, job portals, professional groups, blogs etc) to target active and passive professionals
  • Screen interested job seekers on relevant expertise and interest level
  • Support client and job seekers on interview scheduling and coordination
  • Help clients and job seekers on negotiation at offer stage
  • Follow-up with offered candidates to ensure they come on board
  • Risk management by pro-actively working on back-ups
  • Take continuous feedback to improve

Technical Architect (DotNet/J2EE)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Product Manager (Internet/Enterprise)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Engineering Manager (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Senior Developer (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Technical Lead (Java)
Bangalore, Product MNC

SQA Manager (Product QA)
Bangalore, Product MNC
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