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Human resources are the very soul of a corporation. This truth is accentuated in today?s knowledge-powered environment.

That is where we come in. At HireAtEase we recognize all aspects dear to organizations, considerations important to candidates and quintessentially, the true worth of the time of an HR professional.
Executive Search
This is our high end service to support our clients to fill their key strategic positions. Our specialist team of strategists, researchers and head-hunters work throughout to keep track of industry trends and build strong network with industry leaders. Our team works closely with top management to fill these positions with strict confidentiality and high integrity.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Right recruitment is core of any organisation?s success and a right outsourcing partner can help you achieve:
  • Support of a dedicated and specialist recruitment partner to help you achieve your critical recruitment targets
  • Increased focus on your core business by not investing much time and money into hiring permanent recruiters and training and managing them
Retained Recruitment
Through this service we support our clients to meet their critical regular hiring targets by beating the challenges of high amount of search, match and communication involved to hire right. more>>

Technical Architect (DotNet/J2EE)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Product Manager (Internet/Enterprise)
Bangalore/Gurgaon, Product MNC

Engineering Manager (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Senior Developer (LAMP)
Bangalore, Product MNC

Technical Lead (Java)
Bangalore, Product MNC

SQA Manager (Product QA)
Bangalore, Product MNC
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